Hobby Cork Tiles

Cork is an all natural, environmentally friendly product
Cork's re-sealabilty, water resistance & non-skid texture make it perfect for many uses
Perfect for coasters, hot pads, and under plants
Make cut-outs, signs, mobiles, picture frames and ornaments
Use to line drawers and tool boxes
Use in kids' rooms, offices, kitchens or create your own custom cork board
Great for scrapbooking!
Dark Cork Tiles - 4pk 3/8" x 12" x 12"
Regular price: $17.15
Light Cork Tiles - 4pk5mm x 12" x 12"
Regular price: $13.49
Hobby Cork Rolls with Adhesive Backing - 1/16" x 1' x 2'
Regular price: $8.15
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